.Our "English" Honorary Members:
W*B* Ted Edward & W*B* Peter Vosser

Saturday, April 7, 2007, our "English" visiting Brothers, W*B* Ted Edwards and W*B* Peter Vosser showed those of us at a Called Communication some of the "workings" of the United Grand Lodge of England. Among other Masonic honors and member- ships, Ted is a Past Master & Founding Member of Winchmore Green Lodge # 9116, just north of London and Peter is a Past Master of Mercury Lodge #4581. Both have visited Columbian Lodge #7 on numerous occasions and have become "homefolks". Because of the high esteem in which they are both held by their brothers, Columbian Lodge unanimously voted to make each an Honorary Member on March 20th and surprised them with a special membership card after their most interesting explanation of some of the differences and similarities of English and Georgia work.         

What a pleasure it is to know both of them ! 
    On May 15, 2007, Columbian Lodge was honored to have M*W* A. Charles Knowles, Jr., PGM present Grand Lodge 50 year awards to our Bros. Matthew E. Bennett, Jack T. Brinkley & Charles H. Teague.
    On July 3, 2007, it was our honor to have our own W*B* Paul E. Wells, DDGM present Grand Lodge 50 year awards to our Bros. Wilburn Aaron Fields and William Barney Stockton.
Bro. Matthew E. Bennett
Bro. Jack T. Brinkley
Bro. Charles H. Teague
Bro. Wilburn Aaron Fields
Bro. William Barney Stockton